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  • Mel O'Berry

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019   /   by Andie Fuller

    Mel O'Berry

    written by Landie Canfield

    A picture is worth a thousand words. One single image can captivate, enlighten, even change a life; it is a fiercely powerful medium.  A photograph is a visit with a stranger, a trip to an unknown place, a shock, or a wonderful surprise. Photos are thought provoking and can elicit feelings of happiness or hope, despair or calls to action. The catalyst is one single click of a button, one distinct moment captured, one extraordinary story told. 


    Mel O’Berry has been snapping pics since the 8th grade, the year she got her first camera as a surprise gift. She got her “professional” start on the yearbook staff and has continued to hone her craft, learning more about herself along the way. As a creative soul, the process has been a natural one and a delight. Mel has taken the time and the steps to pinpoint what works for her technically, including equipment (Canon) and process (digital mainly but she loves film!), and what works for her creatively, including subject matter and inspiration.

    Mel was a potter five years ago, and loving it, but ready to move in a new direction.  Seizing the opportunity, she ventured forward, taking a bold next step. Channeling her long-time love of photography with her tremendous hard-earned talent into a full-time photography career, Mel slowly but surely made her way into Girl Boss territory. With a little help from her husband (and fellow KW agent) Walt O’Berry, Mel now runs her own successful business.  

    Her goal when shooting a wedding, lifestyle pics, portraits, or food for a local restaurant is twofold. She longs to showcase the small details that can be taken for granted or  easily overlooked, and she also strives to tell a tale within each shot. “Everything has a story,” she says. “Weddings of course, but even things that are easily taken for granted or overlooked… that are mundane. Those seemingly insignificant things can be beautiful too.” Mel’s wish is to include even the smallest details in the stories she captures, creating a comprehensive and vibrant, epic tale...one to celebrate and one to share. 

    We were lucky enough to be her loyal and willing subjects for a feature in our Fall issue of the MCKRE Magazine, “Hungry Town Tours”. She put us all effortlessly at ease with her fun and sweet way.  She had us giggling and goofing around while two-wheeling. (We were maybe only a little too loud for the quiet streets of Beaufort!) The pictures of us she captured told a thousand words... or more, of a team joined together in determination and hard work, and what truly radiated from each frame …  in joy and in friendship. 

    We love you, Mel!

    Follow Mel on her Instagram at @meloberryphotography and Facebook at Mel O'Berry Photography
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